Jodi Amaya worked her first auction thirty-five years ago in the local high school parking lot. The lack of technology at the time drove her to think in ways that would create efficiencies while providing her customers with the highest level of service, even if it meant typing up load out tickets on a typewriter and plastic folding table. After attending classes at Richland Community College, Jodi began working at her family-owned auction business where she found her love for the people and the industry. In 2008 she obtained her auctioneer’s license. Throughout her career she has been in various positions within technology, real estate and of course, auction industries. Acting as Vice President of Operations for a Fort Worth based Auction company, Jodi saw once again the lack of technology and innovation in this multi-million-dollar industry that so many people she knew and loved worked in. Fast forward to 2020; the software systems available were not much better than they were 35 years ago. Jodi had a vision for an all-in-one solution and auction platform that could enable companies who manage and sell inventory to gain their brand independence by retaining their customer and inventory data to build their own marketplace. To date, that program did not exist. In the spring of 2021, Jodi cast the vision for an all-in-one software to a team of investors. She wanted to give other companies who didn’t have the resources to spend millions of dollars in the development of a new solution that was not on the market. With persistence and passion, she received a “Yes,” from the investment team and InnovA Technologies, LLC was born. Jodi’s ability to see what the market needed and endurance to push through the hard times, “no’s,” and hurdles over the years placed her in the perfect place to become the founder of a company that will serve the very people she helped 35 years. Her passion and vision stem from her desire to help people succeed. When Jodi is not at the office working, she can be found walking her golden doodle, Louie, or spending time with her two sons.