You can list inventory in two primary ways:

  1. "Make Offer" allows interested customers to submit their best offer. Someone on your team can accept, decline, or counter the offer based upon the agreed seller terms.

  2. Cascade allows inventory to be listed as "Make Offer" until 7 days before the auction date.

If offers are too far below fair market value, the system will automatically decline them, and the buyer can either walk away or submit a higher offer. If the offer is within an acceptable range determined by you, the offer will show as pending. If terms are accepted, an invoice will be created and posted in the buyers' portal.

Flexible Qualification Offers

InnovA is completely customizable around your business's retail needs. InnovA's auction professionals will work with you to determine how offers are accepted to create customization around how offers need to function for your unique business. 

To learn more about InnovA's powerful retail solutions, please contact us to schedule a demo.