User Registration

Your existing buyers and new buyers will register on your website. Registration can be customized for your acceptance criteria. Your buyers will create a username and password to gain access to their buyer portal, where they will be able to see their bidding activity. InnovA will consolidate all this activity in an easy-to-view dashboard so that you can start to learn customer and inventory trends enabling you to make proactive decisions for your business.

We are dedicated to simplifying bidding for your clients. Our signature SaaS software ensures every phase of the process is as easy and convenient as possible, from registration to post-sale.

Maximum Bid

With this option, you will input your maximum bid amount. Our system will then keep you in the running until your preset offer exceeds seven days.


If you cannot be at your computer during the live auction, you do not have to worry about missing out. You can place a bid on an item up to seven days before the auction goes live and remain updated via the buying section of your customer portal. If your bid wins, you will be notified, and the item will be sent to your portal.

In the event you are outbid, you will be updated and able to submit a higher bid. This progress will be sent to your portal as well.

Instant Bidding

If another potential purchaser outbids your offer, you will receive a notification and be able to submit a bid at the next dollar increment. This will go on until you either win the lot or drop out of the bidding.

Though we have predetermined auction times in place, we offer soft closing times. Under this prerequisite, if a bid is placed with less than one minute left
in the auction, additional time will be added to the clock.


If you want to be continually updated on certain listings, you can add them to your watchlist through your dashboard. You will be notified of any changes regarding the item, such as new offers coming in and sellers reducing their asking prices. Should the item be sold before the auction date, you will be informed of this as well.