InnovA CRM

InnovA's CRM System enables you to manage all of your customer accounts, You are able to manage the sales process, create sales agreements, pricing valuations, inspections and inventory within each customer account. 

Unlimited Contacts

If you have different people in your organization that need to be involved in selling your inventory we can add as many as you need. 


Invite your customers to the next auction with the click of a button from your account contact list. 

Unlimited Locations

Including location details, preview hours, load-out hours, requirements to pick up, and contacts will be shown on each inventory item and release tickets.  Entering this in the account one time saves you from having to add all these details to each item in the future.

Unlimited Documents

Titles, repair information, tax forms, or any other documents can be uploaded so that they are easily found in one place. 

Sales Agreements

InnovA provides a  templated evergreen sales agreement that can be customized with your own legal terms.  Having an evergreen agreement saves you from having to get an agreement every time you accept consignments from your customer.  Instead, you will get your Schedule A from your customer with inventory details that refer back to the sales agreement.  All of this information is saved in one place in your customer's account.

Transaction Recording Made Easy

All transactions for sales and purchases are maintained in your customer account, including release tickets.  If your customer has a question, everything is in one place.