Why CRM Matters

Why CRM Matters

 Custom relationship management, or CRM, has become a popular focus for companies of all types and sizes. As customers are what drive sales and profits, it’s important that companies focus on their customers! Luckily, there are CRM software solutions to help companies do just that. 

At InnovA, we offer CRM services as part of our auction management software. Our software allows you to track valuable customer information while keeping all of your customer accounts in one place, saving you time and energy. Below, we explain why CRM matters and how our auction management software can help! 

Benefits of Customer Relationship Management 

Improve your customer relationships

The biggest benefit of focusing on CRM is that it helps create better customer relationships. Usually, the better relationship you have with your customers, the happier they are, which results in more sales!  This is especially true for auction companies who may work with the same customers over and over again.

Customer retention

While CRM helps you build relationships with your customers, this also promotes better customer retention as well. If a construction company or contractor bought a piece of equipment from your equipment auction in which they had a positive experience, chances are they will come back to buy future equipment also. Repeat business is what utilizing a CRM is all about. CRM software is a great asset to auction companies as it helps keep all of your existing customer information in one place, while also reminding you of meetings or appointments with each one. By the way, keeping an existing customer is about six or seven times cheaper than getting a new one!

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Another benefit of a CRM software is that it helps you learn more about your customers, as well as the demographics in which they come from. With CRM, you will be able to better understand who your customers are, why they are buying what they are, as well as pick up on purchasing trends. All of this together will help you better market your auctions and services to other similar customers, as well as better anticipate their sales. 

Save time and make more money

Lastly, a CRM system can help you increase your profits while reducing your workload! Who doesn’t enjoy making more money while saving time and work? With a CRM system in place, you will be able to easily access anything dealing with your customers and their accounts. Everything is in one place, which reduces the amount of time and people needed to get things done. CRM auction management software like ours at InnovA also integrates accounting, inventory and sales into one place, significantly reducing the costs of labor and training!

As CRM software becomes a bigger priority moving forward, now is the time to get ahead of your competition. If you are in need of CRM software or help, choose InnovA! Our auction management software comes with a variety of features, including: CRM, accounting, price valuations, inventory management, registration and more! With InnovA, you can take your auction company to the next level! Give us a call or visit our website to request a free demo today!  

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