How To Choose An Auction Management Software That’s Right For You

How To Choose An Auction Management Software That’s Right For You

The auction industry is constantly changing and will continue to evolve. With our recent pandemic on top of the ever innovating technology, auction companies have many opportunities to improve their business operations. Online auction software programs are an example of this change!

Today, auction companies are able to purchase auction management software to help improve their profits and reduce the time and costs that come with managing an auction company! This is a game changer for the auction industry!

At InnovA, we offer auction software programs that will help you save money and time while you increase your company profits! In our software, we offer a variety of services, including auction consulting, marketing, website development, and much more. In this post, we discuss some things to consider when choosing an auction management software.

Determine your auction type

The number one thing you should always keep in mind when choosing an auction software is your auction types. Are you primarily offering live, in-person auctions? Are you solely an online auction company? Have you begun offering simulcast auctions? There are certain auction softwares that tailor each auction type. 

Another thing to ensure is that you choose an auction software that will benefit your specific industry. Are you a heavy equipment auction company? Or are you more retail? Or automotive? There are different softwares that are more beneficial to specific industries, so make sure whatever you choose is the right fit for your business!

Understand where you need help

Auction software programs are designed to make operating your auction company easy. But before choosing a software, be sure to understand what your company needs help doing right now. Are you in need of inventory management? Are you looking for help with marketing or accounting? Are you wanting to feature more online auctions on your website? Different auctions softwares come with different features, and it’s important that you choose a software that will meet your needs!

Keep technology in mind

As we’ve seen in recent years, the auction industry is becoming more and more digital. Technology is always changing the ways we do things. So, it’s important that you choose an auction software that will continue to innovate and stay trendy. If a certain software seems to be outdated, you might want to stay away.

Be sure that the software that you choose is user-friendly, for both you and your clients. This will make everything from online bidding to inventory management much easier for everyone going forward. 

Be sure to ask questions

Lastly, before making a final purchase, be sure to ask lots of questions. Auction companies should care about the success of your business, and should be able to show how they have helped other companies reach their goals as well. Ask questions like

  • How long have you been in business?

  • What is your price structure?

  • How many auctions have you helped with over the last year?

  • Can we talk to any references?

  • What technical support do you offer?

Asking questions will help you judge which software will best suit your company!

Auction software programs are changing the way auction companies have and will continue to operate. Partnering with an auction management company is surely worth the investment if you choose the right one! Use these tips when you choose a new auction management software!

At InnovA, our auction management software is designed to help you manage your operations, reach your goals and increase your profits. To learn more about our new software, or to request a free demo, contact us today!

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