Equipment Inspection Checklist

Equipment Inspection Checklist

Before an auction, all equipment must be inspected to ensure that the equipment meets the quality in which it is being sold as. Equipment inspections can help certain pieces of equipment sell for a much higher price. These inspections are similar to inspecting cars or trucks; however, they usually take much longer. 

At InnovA Technologies, our back office software gives sellers a customizable inspection app that will help save you time and money. This software will also help you increase your number of bids resulting in driving up the value while building confidence for future purchases. Below, our team has put together an equipment inspection checklist to help get you started!

Check the engine

One of the first and most important things to inspect is your equipment’s engines. To do so, you will want to start up your engine and watch out for any blowing oil or any unusual sounds. You want your engines to start up dry and without any knocks. Making sure your engine is good to go will save you time and money, as well as get your piece of equipment sold faster!

Check the tires

Another thing that should always be atop your inspection equipment checklist is your equipment’s tires. Tires are a costly component to replace and can greatly dictate the value of your equipment. Before going to auction, be sure that your equipment’s tires are in good condition. Also, ensure the tracks have the proper tension and the tires properly inflated.


During an inspection, equipment should not only be looked at but also tested. This is especially true for your equipment’s battery. Battery replacement costs have gotten quite expensive, so it’s a good idea to double check and make sure your battery is in good working condition before going to auction!

Check fluid levels

Another thing to always do before going to auction is to check your equipment’s fluid levels! If you notice that your equipment’s oil, transmission fluid, coolant, or hydraulic fluid is low, make sure you top those off. If any of those are empty, there may be a bigger issue at hand. If your fluid levels are inconsistent, look for leaks underneath your equipment, and make sure you get the problem solved before going to auction!

Other checklist items

In addition to what was already listed above, there are some other things you should always inspect prior to selling at an auction

  • Cabs, mirrors, seat belts and glass

  • Lights

  • Turn signals 

  • Brakes

  • Condition of hoses

  • Exhaust system

  • Condition of blades

  • Windshield 

  • Attachments

To receive the most bids and the highest price out of your equipment auctions, inspections are crucial. Use this guide to help develop a solid inspection equipment checklist before your next auction!

InnovA Technologies is here to help make managing your business easier. Our back office software allows you to save time while also making more money. To learn more about our new cloud-based software, visit our website today!

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