About Us

InnovA is a cloud-based software SaaS (software as a solution) platform that enables companies to sell inventory through their own company-branded website. Our platform allows customers to grow and facilitate their businesses through a wide variety of software solutions. InnovA's back-office inventory management platform enables its customers to sell inventory via retail, virtual auctions, simulcast auctions, and via 3rd party marketplaces.

InnovA’s platform allows customers to:

  1. Save time running their business by aggregating tools into a single platform.
  2. Keep buyers on their own branded website.
  3. Retain and use their own data.
  4. Grow their company brand while creating multiple channels to sell inventory.

Company owners are busy running their companies.

They often do not have the adequate resources (time,  money, and knowledge) to create a custom software solution to run all portions of their business. Owners often use a wide array of outdated and inefficient software applications to manage their businesses and lack the time and ability to create efficiencies.

InnovA was created by experts from multiple industries utilizing their knowledge, experience, and a simple understanding of the various struggles of operating a successful and profitable business. InnovA has invested our resources, and millions of dollars to create the latest data protection and secure technologies, enabling companies to utilize our individualized SaaS platform at a fraction of the cost.

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